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Liberator Math First Grade

Welcome to First Grade Math! During the first grade year, students will learn to quickly calculate sums and differences to 10 and will be introduced to place value by adding and subtracting to twenty. By the end of the year, first grade students will understand place value, number comparisons, and addition and subtraction of numbers up to 100. First grade students will also order and compare length measurements using numbers. Finally, first graders will identify, compose, and partition different shapes.

Liberator Math Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade Math! During second grade, your child will learn to add and subtract with numbers to 100, then 200, and finally, up through 1,000! They will also use numbers up to 200 to solve word problems. Second grade is the year students will add and subtract lengths of units and will begin to explore the foundations of multiplication and division. Second grade students will also problem-solve with length, time, and data. Finally, students will explore the concepts of time, different shapes, and will recognize that fractions are equal parts of shapes.

Liberator Math Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade Math! Our third grade students will learn to multiply and pide whole numbers and will explore place value and problem solve with units of measure. Students will deepen their understanding of fractions by applying fractions along a number line. Third graders will explore geometry with word problems and will apply multiplication concepts to identify the area of a given shape. Finally, students will learn how to collect an

Liberator Math Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade Math! This year your child will extend concepts around place value, rounding, and addition and subtraction. Students will master multi-digit multiplication and pision and will solve measurement problems with multiplication. Metric measurement with conversions, angle measurement, and plane figures also take center-stage during the fourth grade year. Finally, students will explore ordering, operations, and equivalency with fractions and fractions as decimals.

Liberator Math Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade Math! Students in fifth grade will extend concepts around fractions including place value with multi-digit fractions, decimals with fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, and multiplication and pision of fractions and decimal fractions. Fifth grade students will also add and multiply with volume and area and problem solve with the coordinate plane.

Liberator Math Sixth Grade

Welcome to Sixth Grade Math!

During the sixth grade year, students will extend concepts around rational numbers and will continue work with arithmetic operations, including the pision of fractions. Students will explore ratios and will incorporate the use of rates in real-world situations. Solving equations with expressions will come to the forefront during the sixth grade year. Sixth graders will also enter into the world of statistics and will use data to answer statistical questions. Finally, sixth graders will skillfully use area, surface area, and volume to solve problems.

Liberator Math Seventh Grade

Welcome to Seventh Grade Math!

This year students will formally define ratios and will explore proportional relationships. Students will consolidate and expand their understanding of equivalent expressions as they apply to the properties of operations and will use linear equations to solve unknown problems presented within context. Concepts surrounding percentages and proportional relationships will be extended, and seventh grade students will further their understandings around statistics and probability. Finally, seventh graders will delve deeper into several of the geometry concepts they have been developing over the years. 

Liberator Math Eighth Grade

Welcome to Eighth Grade Math!

During the eighth grade year, students will work with exponents and scientific notation. Concepts of similarity and congruence will also be introduced. Eighth grade students will extend thinking around unit rates and proportional relationships to linear equations and graphs. Linear functions and functions from geometry will also be explored this year. Finally, students will be introduced to irrational numbers using geometry concepts.

Liberator Math 8th Grade Algebra