Question 1: 7:09-24:20 "Please introduce yourself to the audience. Explain what influenced your decision to seek the position of a Bolivar R-1 School District board member and what community positions you are currently holding or have held in the past that you feel have best prepared you for this role."

Question 2: 24:30-41:45 "What are 2-3 needs that are priorities that must be priorities for our district to address? Please explain your reasoning."

Question 3: 42:00-56:37 "If elected, how are you going to advocate for public education, and specifically for the Bolivar R-1 district?"

Question 4: 1:23:00-1:34:23 "Besides raising pay, what changes do you think need to be made to retain teachers?"

Question 5: 1:34:37-1:42:57 "If open enrollment passes, what are your plans to address it in the Bolivar school system?"

Question 6: 1:43:05-1:51:43 "We heard your goals for Liberator Park and teacher retention, what is another accomplishment that you hope to achieve if you are elected?"

Closing comments: 1:52:00-2:02:26