Gina Green and Patty Aldrich

Students Ashlyn Cowden, Reagan White, Mia Wilson, Aubrey Cowden, and DeLaney Daniels Shine with Creative Taylor Swift-themed Door Decor

Bolivar, December 18, 2023 - The halls of Bolivar High School were filled with festive cheer as the results of the annual Christmas Door Decoration Contest were unveiled, with a Taylor Swift-themed masterpiece claiming the top honors. The winning door, adorned with purple lights, a Christmas tree, and Taylor Swift-themed garlands, captured the hearts of both students and faculty alike.

Under the skillful guidance of their teachers, Patty Aldrich and Gina Green, 2024 Retiree, the talented group of students—Ashlyn Cowden, Reagan White, Mia Wilson, Aubrey Cowden, and DeLaney Daniels—transformed their classroom entrance into a winter wonderland infused with the magic of Taylor Swift's music and style.

Patty Aldrich and Gina Green, both seasoned educators known for fostering creativity and teamwork, expressed their delight at the students' enthusiasm and dedication to the contest. "We wanted to do something special this year, and the Taylor Swift theme was a perfect choice. It allowed us to combine the festive spirit with the vibrant energy that Taylor Swift brings to her music," said Aldrich.

The winning door featured an array of purple lights twinkling in sync with the holiday spirit, complemented by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree standing proudly at the center. The Taylor Swift-themed garlands, adorned with lyrics and iconic symbols from the pop sensation's repertoire, added a personalized touch that set their entry apart from the competition.

"It's incredible to see how our students can bring their creativity to life. The Taylor Swift theme not only brought joy to everyone who passed by but also showcased the students' ability to think outside the box," remarked Gina Green, 2024 Retiree.

The group of students responsible for the winning door—Ashlyn Cowden, Reagan White, Mia Wilson, Aubrey Cowden, and DeLaney Daniels—expressed their excitement at being recognized for their hard work. "We're huge fans of Taylor Swift, and combining her music with the Christmas theme was so much fun. We're thrilled that our door stood out and brought some holiday magic to the school," shared Reagan White.

As winners of the Christmas Door Decoration Contest, the Taylor Swift-themed masterpiece will be showcased throughout the holiday season, spreading joy and inspiration to the entire school community. The victorious team, along with their teachers, will receive well-deserved recognition and a special prize, cementing their place in the annals of Bolivar High Schools's festive traditions.

2nd Place: Ron Bandy

3rd Place: Krystal Gooding