The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) District 13 Leadership Conference held on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at the First Baptist Church of Bolivar witnessed exceptional success for the Bolivar FBLA Chapter. Twenty-two schools from the area participated in the event, with hundreds of students competing in various challenging categories. The conference not only provided a platform for students to demonstrate their business acumen but also served as an opportunity for networking and skill development.

"The FBLA contest was so much fun,” said Cy Douglas, Bolivar FBLA Chapter Vice President. “I had a great time participating in events and meeting new people!"

One of the highlights of the Bolivar FBLA Chapter's success was the outstanding performance of its members in several competitive events. The following students achieved top 10 placements:

- Business Communication - Siya Bhadu - 1st Place (advances to State)

- Intro to Marketing Concepts - DeLaney Daniels - 2nd Place (advances to State)

- Journalism - Siya Bhadu - 1st Place (advances to State)

- Organizational Leadership - Siya Bhadu - 1st Place (advances to State)

- Intro to Business Presentation - Kami Bryan, DeLaney Daniels, Heidi Roweton - 2nd Place (advances to State)

- Intro to Social Media Strategies - Kami Bryan, DeLaney Daniels, Heidi Roweton - 3rd Place

- Intro to Event Planning - Emma Howes - 3rd Place

- Entrepreneurship - Ellaina Porter - 5th Place

- Advertising - Cy Douglas - 7th Place

- Intro to Business Communication - Aileen Siegfried - 8th Place

- Economics - Cy Douglas - 8th Place

- Agribusiness - Emma Goodman - 8th Place

- Intro to FBLA - Kai Thiessen - 8th Place

- Intro to Business Procedures - Yakira Rodgers - 10th Place

“Attending the FBLA district conference was an enriching experience,” said Siya Bhadu, Bolivar FBLA Chapter President. “I gained so many leadership skills, networking with great people, and really deepened my understanding of business concepts. Overall, the experience was positive and one I would recommend!"

The Bolivar FBLA Chapter is proud of the accomplishments of its members and looks forward to representing the district at the FBLA State Leadership Conference in Springfield, MO, on April 14-16, 2024.

Front (left to right) - Aileen Siegfried, Emma Howes, Siya Bhadu, Ellaina Porter, Kai Thiessen, Heidi Roweton
Back (left to right) - Kylie Stafford, Yakira Rodgers, Emma Goodman, Cy Douglas, Kami Bryan, DeLaney Daniels