Proposition Liberators R-1

Proposition Liberators R-1 was approved by voters with a 68% YES vote on April 2nd, 2024.

The Projects

Classroom Expansion at BIS

At BIS, a potential four (4) classroom addition could be added to allow for current and future enrollment growth.  Several support programs like Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and English Language Learner programs need service space to assist students.  In addition, the opportunity to offer new programs in the area of technology and behavior support allow for BIS to serve student and teacher needs well into the future.

BIS Expansion

BIS restroom expansion

Restroom Expansion at BIS

At BIS, our 3rd grade classrooms have to share a bathroom facility.  Our goal would be to add a full grade level bathroom facility in this area that would allow students better access to restrooms and reduce large numbers of students from using the commons area restroom space.  This bathroom would also be located in an area that would allow visitors at tennis or soccer events to use it without having to enter the main BIS building area, increasing safety and security efforts.

Agriculture Career Education at BHS

Moving our agriculture education programs into a new facility would allow for students to have new and more defined learning spaces for agriculture education classes.  The new space would then allow for renovation of the existing space to serve Auto Tech and other career education programs like JAG or JROTC.  In addition, the renovation would allow expansion of the physical education and weight room area.

BHS Ag Shop Expansion

BES Expansion

Classroom Expansion at Bolivar Extension School

At BES, we hope to expand learning spaces for our students who have specific physical or developmental needs.  Classroom expansion would allow greater flexibility and space to serve students who need more appropriate learning areas to move and adapt.  In addition, this expansion would allow a covered ADA walkway for students to access BIS when they travel for PE and lunch.

Playground Expansion and ADA Updates

At BIS, our playground structures have reached the end of life and need to be replaced.  Our goal would be to replace and expand playground areas and facilitate all-inclusive ADA options for these spaces so all students could access playground equipment and play areas.  At ECLC and BPS, a similar effort would take place, allowing ECLC students and BPS students to have expanded all-inclusive ADA playground options for students.



New HVAC/Ground Source Systems

At BHS, BPS, and BMS, the District needs HVAC system updates and replacements.  Several of the systems have reached the end of life, and maintenance on these units and systems is no longer an option.  Updates will allow the District to improve heating and cooling options and efficiencies on the existing ground source system. 

Liberator Park Restroom Facility

As we evaluate the needs of Liberator Park a restroom facility is vitally important.  This facility will be located on the northeast corner of the track and will be the first supporting structure of our long-term plans for Liberator Park.  Currently, students must access temporary restroom facilities when football, cross-country, or track practices are held.  This facility would include restrooms and also available space for changing or athletic storage.

Liberator Park Restrooms

Roof Maintenance

Other Projects

The District also has other needs like parking lots (BPS and BIS), roof renovation (BIS, BPS and BHS), and window replacement (BPS). These projects are important and if bond funds are available will be scheduled for review and completion.