Why Us

17 : 1 Student to Teacher Ratio

Staff Average 13.8 Years of Experience

87.6% Attendance Rate

62.3% of Graduates Seek Higher Education


Bolivar Bands

Bolivar Bands

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BoMo Works

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Ashleigh Johnson - BPS Art

"She loves kids and sees all of them as little artists. Her classroom allows students to be creative and so proud of the things they create" "She is always intentional in her classroom, and she helps her students to produce artwork that is well beyond their years"

Dee Barber - BHS Academic Recovery

"She always welcomes kids with open arms and treats every student like they are the only student in the classroom" "She is always building relationships with them and is always positive and encouraging"

Keith Lipsey - 4th Grade

"Keith is the sponsor for our "GUYS IN TIES" club. He works with boys who need a bit more attention every week after school teaching them life skills that they will carry on throughout their own lives"

Sara Pock - 6th Grade Math

"Sara is a bright light for all who are around her! She cares for every single student in her classroom and works hard to make sure they are learning and loved"

Serenity Wilson - ECLC

"She demonstrates patience, kindness, and love for each of her students"