Volunteer Information

To protect our students and staff from COVID-19 exposure, we are strictly limiting the number of volunteers we are allowing into our school buildings. Anyone wanting to volunteer at any of our school buildings will be required to apply in person at the Bolivar R-I Schools Administrative Offices at 524 W. Madison St., Bolivar, MO.

Volunteer Application

The purpose of this program is to provide various services that enrich classroom experiences for students by allowing building principals and classroom teachers to devote their energies to the professional skills they are trained to provide.

Persons only visiting for the following will not need to be considered a registered volunteer:

A person attending assembly/play, parent-teacher conference participants, individuals attending IEP/504 meetings, PTA events, person visiting for lunch, community/business members visiting for a singular event under the supervision of admin or teachers, and guest speaker.


Bolivar R-1 School Board Policy GBEBC-

The district will conduct a criminal background check on all individuals volunteering in positions where they may be periodically left alone with students or have access to student records. Volunteers who chaperone students on overnight trips or are sponsors, advisors, or coaches of district-sponsored activities must satisfactorily complete a criminal background check. The district is not required to conduct a background check on volunteers who have had a background check conducted by another Missouri public school within the past year if the district receives a copy of the background check directly from the other district or obtains electronic access to the previous background check. In addition to the volunteers who are required by law to receive a full background check, the superintendent or designee may require other volunteers to undergo a background check or the district may conduct a search of the MSHP's criminal history database and the FCSR or the CD's central registry of child abuse and neglect.

 *Bolivar R-1 Schools will NOT reimburse you for a volunteer background check.