Bolivar Liberator Seal

Bolivar Liberator Seal


Dear Bolivar High School Parents;


This year has presented a variety of challenges for teachers, students, families and we appreciate your support and help navigating those events.  We remain focused on providing in-person learning opportunities for our students.  We will continue to monitor our wellness needs of staff and students and respond to possible needs as our school and community recover from this latest wellness impact.


As we evaluated our response plans to inclement weather and wellness, we discovered that our Bolivar High School attendance calendar did not include enough attendance hours to respond to future wellness or inclement weather events.  This means that our Bolivar High School schedule needs to be adjusted to provide the appropriate and required number of student attendance hours.  The administration has evaluated possible options and plans but, we do not know what wellness or inclement weather impacts may occur in the coming weeks.


Starting today, Thursday, January 27, Bolivar High School will begin adjusting the daily schedule for the remainder of the school year.  The adjustments will allow the District to bring the Bolivar High School in line with our other buildings and attendance hours that will help us respond to potential inclement weather or additional wellness impacts.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, classes will begin at 7:55 AM and end at 3:03 PM; on Wednesdays (Late-Start) we will begin classes at 8:30 AM and end at 3:03 PM. These adjustments allow BHS to pick up 26 additional hours of instructional time.


We believe this change will have limited impacts on our students and families.  However, if you have concerns we would ask that you meet with us to discuss how we can assist you with the adjustment.  We all hope that “normal” returns to our community as soon as possible.  As we work together to address each challenge we will focus on what we can accomplish today in an effort to make things better for our school and students.


Thank you and Go Liberators!



Bolivar R-1 Administration